Tension and Compression Load Cell

Features & Applications

  • Available in the capacities 10kg to 500kg.
  • Its structure is very delicate, the diameter is 13mm, the height is 33mm, this makes it easy to mount.
  • There are threads on both sides, so it is to install.
  • The protection class is IP66, which has the function of waterproof and moisture-proof, so it is available for the humid environment.
  • It is made of stainless steel, good appearance.
  • It can be used single, single load cell can be matched with weighing indicator, converting what you want to.
  • Used for key and elasticity test of Computers,mobiles etc.
  • Other measuring devices which need undemanding precision requirements.
  • Suitable for underwater small scale force measurement.


Rated output 1.0±20 % mV / V
Zero balance ±5 % F.S.
Non-linearity 1 % F.S.
Hysteresis 0.5 % F.S.
Repeatability 0.5 % F.S.
Creep (30min) 0.5 % F.S.
Input impedance 350 ± 30Ω
Output impedance 350 ± 5Ω
Insulation ≥2000MΩ
Recommended excitation 5-10 V
Maximum excitation 15 V
Compensated temp range - 10 ~ 60 ºC
Operation temp range - 20 ~ 80ºC
Safe overload 120 % F.S.
Ultimate overload 200 % F.S.
Cable size 3000 mm
Protection class IP66