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tecsis Sensor (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

The measuring and sensor specialist tecsis GmbH recently acquired the Shenzhen EXACT Sensor Instrument Co., Ltd. based in Shenzhen, now operating under the name tecsis Shenzhen Sensor Instrument Co., Ltd. Headquarter and production facilities of the company are located in Offenbach, Germany. The strategy of tecsis consists of its positioning as a supplier of systems and solutions. Both companies – tecsis and tecsis (Shenzhen) Sensor Co., Ltd. – offer similar products and services. Together they are planning to increase market penetration not only in China but in various international markets.

tecsis Sensor (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is specialized in design, manufacturing, and distribution of high precision sensors, transmitters, weight indicators, and related systems. The products have been widely applied in weighing applications, industrial control, chemical industry, environmental protection, food industry, and medical appliances. The miniature compression and tension & compression force sensors, which have OIML R60 and ROHS approval, show stable performance and are used in various fields.

The company has 3,500 m² of factory space in Shenzhen equipped with high precision production machinery and testing equipment. The main business purpose over the last years has been the design of new technologies and new products with a fast time-to-market. Highly motivated staff together with creativity and first-class scientific research tools ensure advanced technical performance of the products. Modern production equipment, high standards of production environment, scientific and strict management guarantee product quality, stability, and reliability.

The market approach of tecsis Sensor (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. includes engineering services to meet the customer´s needs. Therefore the company offers not only off-the-shelf products but also customized versions of the standard product portfolio. The engineering staff is experienced in sensor, automatic control, electronic engineering. They take care of practical engineering problems, to provide customers with professional solutions, with "accurate, timely, effective, and thoughtful" engineering and technical services.